Ladycat War Zone. Iron line.

Downstream from the Iron line
of the thin red mile
there was a hole over our head
a shining twinkle was a lead
there was not a rising sun
but a peaceful moon
under which we can run
and wake up under a grapeful noon
In the middle of the human shell
the jester man
he can see
but we can’t see





Ladycat War Zone. Blue mood.

In the mood of rescuing
lonely sadness pain joy fear love invisibile non speaked
ghost reckoning
of a small, little displaced world of a rescuer
living like a little butterfly bullet in a deep blue sky
no human eye has ever seen what we have done together
it would be nice to be able at least once to review our races with a held breath.


1 - Copia


Ladycat War Zone. Tommy: Pursuit in the downstream of the O3 layer.


I had pursued you in a blind falling
in the downstream of the ozone layer
a little but enormous distance between us
you was dripped down
like a morningstar’s blind twinkle
zulu base no estimated time to arrival
we rolled down near a landing zone
of a thin red mile
but still i am in a deepest acceleration
with a maximum g force
blind sight gray vision
we was in a freefall ride trought
the ozone layer
and now
we are here.


Ti inseguii in una cieca caduta libera
nel flusso dello strato dell’ozono
una piccola ma enorme distanza fra noi
sei gocciolato giù
come lo scintillio cieco di una stella del mattino
base zulu non è previsto orario di arrivo
siamo rotolati vicino a una zona di atterraggio
del un sottile miglio rosso
ma sono ancora in una profonda accelerazione
con forza g massima
sguardo cieco visione grigia
eravamo in una caduta libera attraverso
lo strato di ozono
ora siamo qui.