The eternal dusk of the violet minds.

Our hands were looking for each other, stretched out to the infinite in falling, or flying, but they were just deadly, finite, faded blind skin extensions of blood bones and tendons slumping desperately, stubbornly, naively toward us.
Our heart was bursting, the mouth was a deformed oval with the mute screaming, the broken breath, the gaze is fixed in the sky and in the left and hostile land.
We were prosthetics toward the most extreme spectrum of ourselves,
burned in the shock wave of pain, our words overcrowded, leveled in an unmistakable harmonic of despair.
And then, we were frozen, firm, crystallized, mute.
With her hands and face stretched out towards us.

In the inner purple haze,
We stood and fired and killed …

Ladycat and Lyell, in the eternal dusk of the violet minds, where is our smile, perhaps in the twisted sepals of a twilight flower? Hiding behind indestructible petals we say “noli me tangere” to the detached hearts, we say refuge in us to the wounded hearts.
Our luminescence shifts slightly from the bottom of the sky, tracing impossible strings and sliding, irreducible and silent trajectories.


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