Cats and men as an expression of kintsugi and sunyata.

kinSometimes the soul of a person under certain conditions can fracture or break.
As an object. It can not sustain the emotional impact and can rise to trauma and scars, physical and interiors. But there are also the physical scars of tears.
Accepting them and living them, fractures delimit map of lives that have crossed and perhaps clashed, never told or unknown to others, but deeply lived and fought in silence, and silent words and lives tell a story.
Not necessarily perfect, but our history.
Expressed in emptiness or Sunyata, Eastern term that implied an abandonment of oneself for a just and sincere motivation to someone else in need.
Expressed in kintsugi, Oriental art ceramics to repair broken or damaged, enhancing and characterizing the uniqueness of an artifact with its cracks and repaired fractures, voids, defects, asymmetries and dust.
Mirror themselves in the cracks and the other bumps, our accepting and loving others by living them as our strengths and treasures, jumping the fences of self and belonging sterile. Perhaps this is the meaning of the link between men and cats: a mutual and sincere act of faith, dream, struggle, despair, compassion and kintsugi.
Without limits.
As two solitary flowers born in the cracks in the asphalt that are passed between them a lone red poppy, messenger between two worlds sometimes distant, but united and born of the same substance, perhaps the same one that unites us all.




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