Ladycat War Zone #3. “Flow tears in the land of dreams”


Where our essences and our nodes cancel out in an epiphany of love, where we are perennial refuge beyond time, that tree of life that we climb relentlessly, exchanging the roles each time.
Where resonate distant echoes welcome and goodbye, joys and struggles, impare battles, games and defeats, dreams and reality, where some of us can smile, cry and hug each other finally without fear or shame, in a clear sense of belonging, evading for a moment the time and empty.
Where you can feel the scent of mimosa in the wind, in a possible but unlikely first day of spring without you, with that feeling of wonder that cuts you breath and words.
Why not serve. It is the place where we are all before you were born and where we will meet at the end of the trip.
It is the house in an absolute sense and pure. A state of grace. The dawn and the dream.
Where it can also be a common language between people living in different worlds but united by love for cats.

Our children.




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