Ladycat War Zone #6. “Letter to a sister twin in cats”

2 - Copia

This is an open letter to you, sister and twin in the path.
Our special way of being and living as solitary allows us to evade and jump over fences.
It ‘s so deeply rooted in us and indestructible sense of belonging, consistency and absolute respect to the our respective lives and companions that we can dream and live a community of souls.
That dream or act of faith that unites us as a man and woman free from any bias or blind stupidity,of our mental wavelength, our pilgrim and sometimes uncertain road of our common feline world.
As you know, I am often in the limbic and dark place that is the land of my soul
combat mode for cats. And it is so rare and deep that even my partner can get there.
But I was lucky, because unknowing help of others, to see you from a distance,
and then find you, you who know such a place to mine and following in your footsteps to the end the race maybe I can get out of it more or less unscathed.
Thanks for being there, for not making me lose and for giving me the strength to follow and
maintain the right direction along the flood that surprised me and my Ladycat.
And for giving voice to her in the darkest moment, my little twin.
There is nothing more sincere, unselfish and true, respectful in any way in the world of the
existence of the substance that unites the two of us who love cats most of our lives.
I in my obstinate and desperate search for salvation and peace for them and me, you in your
generous and unwavering desire to provide home, love and a new life to those who are special to them that blind eyes are disabled, or crushed in the body from ignorance and blindness of others.


Ladycat War Zone #5. “A deep blue scale of a pilgrims from a long and forgotten time”

4 - Copia

“Hi… it’s nice to to find you”
“I’m returning to the mountain, lean on me,
slowly we could go home together”
“… Can you feel this peace, see this beautiful landscape?
I think I will stay here a little bit more”
“We might get back together …”
“See my legs wounds? Slow down your step.
And now hug me my friend, and then you go.
I still drink a little bit of sunshine, then I will sit and await the sunset.
If heaven will want we meet again, brother or sister, and we find ourselves without words. Now, you go.
Goodbye and see you soon, pilgrim of a deep blue sky…”


Ladycat War Zone #4. “Ghost recon in a deep blue sky”

sky - Copia.jpg

In the darkest moments,
in the fog of silence and struggle,
there is always a tiny lonely star
that lights our path
and warms our shy and brave dreams…

Nei momenti più oscuri,
nella nebbia del silenzio e della lotta,
c’è sempre una piccola solitaria stella
che illumina il nostro cammino
e scalda i nostri timidi e impavidi sogni…




Ladycat War Zone #3. “Flow tears in the land of dreams”


Where our essences and our nodes cancel out in an epiphany of love, where we are perennial refuge beyond time, that tree of life that we climb relentlessly, exchanging the roles each time.
Where resonate distant echoes welcome and goodbye, joys and struggles, impare battles, games and defeats, dreams and reality, where some of us can smile, cry and hug each other finally without fear or shame, in a clear sense of belonging, evading for a moment the time and empty.
Where you can feel the scent of mimosa in the wind, in a possible but unlikely first day of spring without you, with that feeling of wonder that cuts you breath and words.
Why not serve. It is the place where we are all before you were born and where we will meet at the end of the trip.
It is the house in an absolute sense and pure. A state of grace. The dawn and the dream.
Where it can also be a common language between people living in different worlds but united by love for cats.

Our children.