Catography # 49. “They will be other days”



Dispersed on the existence ridge we found ourselves
hovering on our not belonging.
We looked and we realized that we were to each other,
very eyes and hopes.
Now you know plowing the heavy path that you will bring to the indistinct elsewhere,
but I always try to keep you here with me,
and if we do not succeed, or if it will be too hard for you,
we would fall together in the unequal struggle,
and I will continue to follow your paths traced in the grass and in the heart,
chasing you and getting lost forever.
For now they are silent and suspended pending perpetually bound to you, my child,
Whatever happens, I’ll always be with you until the end, and I will, I, your smell inside me.
Tears still come down, for the past and for the future, forgive me.
One day I’ll open the door and you will be there.
Maybe today, or tomorrow, or in a future past.
I will be there.

Dispersi sul crinale dell’esistenza ci siamo ritrovati
in bilico sulla nostra inappartenenza.
Ci siamo guardati e abbiamo capito che eravamo l’uno per l’altra,
medesimi occhi e speranze.
Ora tu sai solcando il greve sentiero che ti porterà nell’indistinto altrove,
ma io cercherò sempre di tenerti qui con me,
e se non ci riuscirò, o se sarà stato troppo duro per te,
cadremmo insieme nell’impari lotta,
e io continuerò a seguire i tuoi percorsi tracciati nell’erba e nel cuore,
inseguendoti e perdendoti per sempre.
Per ora sono in silente e sospesa attesa, perennemente legato a te, piccola mia,
comunque vada, sarò sempre con te, fino alla fine e avrò, ho, il tuo odore dentro di me.
Le lacrime scendono ancora, per il passato e per il futuro, perdonami.
Un giorno aprirò la porta e tu sarai lì.
Forse oggi, o domani, o in un futuro passato.
Io ci sarò.
Per sempre.



5 thoughts on “Catography # 49. “They will be other days”

  1. Luca, I’m so sad for you, and to hear about your sweet ‘Ladycat’…no matter how long they are with us, there is always such a hole in our hearts when they are gone. Be comforted by the fact that each one of your furbabies knows now that you love and care them with all your heart from the first time you meet them in the garden and until the time they go to that rainbow bridge…a part of them will always be with you and you will see one again, sometime in the distant future, when the time is meant to be, you’ll see them all again in another realm, as you and your parade of well loved cats walk together across the rainbow bridge.

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