Catography # 16. “Life is a solo run with you”

DSC01652 copia.jpg

(Image and copyright of Marianna Zampieri, published with the kind permission of the author).

Twenty-six years ago I began my unique and exciting race of my life with my partner by my side and cats on my shoulders.
I don’t know where I will arrive, or what I will do, but it will be wonderful.
To represent my thoughts, there is nothing like this
image I have the great privilege of being able to share, a person
with incredible photographic sensitivity, but above all a friend.
Shooting over the shot, because it is a mirror of ourselves, and eluding,
we see the nature of things, which by its very essence, is hiding in itself.
Photography is a symphony of light, belongs to everyone and to no one, and is a mirror image. It leaves touching, but always remains in part a mystery, like life.
This time I can not find the words to accompany your wonderful composition, then, I’ll tell you only thank you, Marianna, and I will stay in silence.















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