Catography # 17. “Usque ad finem”



“Appoggiati a me,
Che se ci dovesse andar male cadremo insieme,
E insieme sapremo cadere,
appoggiati a me,
Con la pesantezza del cuore…”

Sopravvivere e combattere per farlo, non è una scelta,
non per noi, è un imperativo morale, ontologico.
Ce l’abbiamo nelle ossa e nel sangue,
sopravviviamo e combattiamo per chi non ha voce, per chi non ha forza,
per chi non ce la può fare da solo ma ci prova lo stesso,
fino alla fine, non importa vincere o perdere, l’importante è provarci, sempre.
Anche se costa dolore e fatica, se restiamo raggomitzati a terra sul freddo pavimento e le nostre
lacrime ci rigano il viso nell’oscurità.
A noi non interessa, noi ci proviamo fino alla fine, anche se sappiamo che ci devasterà, ci strapperà
via un pezzo di cuore, ci farà perdere noi stessi.
Comunque vada noi lo faremo ancora e ancora, noncuranti del dolore e delle ferite, perchè
sappiamo che è la cosa giusta da fare, l’unica cosa che possiamo fare.
Restare con lui, con lei, pregando di avere un attimo in più,
in attitudine al combattimento e al sogno, incuranti del prezzo.
Comunque vada, mantenendoli nel nostro cuore, non lasciandoli alla deriva della storia, dell’oblio,
Sono le nostre rughe, le nostre cicatrici e siamo fieri di avercele dentro e fuori.
Usque ad finem. Fino alla fine.
Insieme. Combattendo e sognando.
Tu non sei solo o sola.
Tu hai me. Hai noi.

“Tornerò dalla valle,
ferito e sanguinante,
ma avrò sempre un amico alle spalle”

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Catography # 17. “Usque ad finem”




“Lean on me,
That if we were to go wrong we’ll fall together,
And together we will fall,
Lean on me,
With the heaviness of the heart … “


Survive and fight to get it, is not a choice,
not for us, it is a moral imperative, ontological.
We have it in the bones and blood, we survive and fight for the voiceless,
for those who have no strength, for those who can do it alone,
but we feel the same way, until the end, no matter win or lose,
the important thing is to try, always.
Even if it costs pain and fatigue, if we remain raggomitzati ground on the cold floor, and our tears
streaming down there in the dark face.
We are not interested, we will try until the end, although we know there will devastate, we will tear
off a piece of the heart, we will lose ourselves.
Whatever happens we’ll do it again and again, heedless of the pain and wounds, because we know
it’s the right thing to do, the only thing we can do.
Stay with him, with her, praying for a moment longer,
in attitude to fight and to dream, regardless of the price.
Whatever happens, keeping them in our hearts, not leaving them adrift in the history, of the oblivion
and the indifference.
It is our wrinkles, our scars and are proud to have them in and out.
Usque ad finem. Until the end.
Together. Fighting and dreaming.
You are not alone or lonely.
You have me. You have us.

“I’ll come back from the valley,
wounded and bleeding,
but I will always have a friend in the back “

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Catography # 16. “Life is a solo run with you”

DSC01652 copia.jpg

(Image and copyright of Marianna Zampieri, published with the kind permission of the author).

Twenty-six years ago I began my unique and exciting race of my life with my partner by my side and cats on my shoulders.
I don’t know where I will arrive, or what I will do, but it will be wonderful.
To represent my thoughts, there is nothing like this
image I have the great privilege of being able to share, a person
with incredible photographic sensitivity, but above all a friend.
Shooting over the shot, because it is a mirror of ourselves, and eluding,
we see the nature of things, which by its very essence, is hiding in itself.
Photography is a symphony of light, belongs to everyone and to no one, and is a mirror image. It leaves touching, but always remains in part a mystery, like life.
This time I can not find the words to accompany your wonderful composition, then, I’ll tell you only thank you, Marianna, and I will stay in silence.














Catography #15. “In this world”


(Image and copyright of Sabrina Boem, published with the kind permission of the author).

In a free and happy world, everyone should be able to live and claim their free right to exist without having to beg for crumbs of time, love and happiness of others.
We should always be ourselves with value and dignity.
Also in every shape and vital substance.
But maybe not in this.