Catography #10. “Everytime we fight is for save a life”

I couldn’t know that would be the last picture, the last day.
We looked in our eyes and we comforted each other.
I through my tears, you through a sea of sorrow. We were just the two of us, for each other. Until the end. Until the pain was too much for you.
Forgive me for everything. Even for never had learned to say goodbye.
I never had the courage to curl up on the ground in the dark with tears streaming down my cheeks.
Close to you even if it looked like you were far away.
I could only come down with you, diving, and fight with you.
I looked your face, at length. Then my gaze crashed to the ground.
You sighed, painfully, and lean your paw on my hand.
I pulled up my mask, hardened and impassive. But underneath, a simple man’s face, cracked and devastated inside. I became what I am for love and for chance.
I thought of you, to all the guys, to my half, to the possible but still non-existent real friends. The only things I believe, the last foothold.
I just closed my eyes, and I screamed inside me.

And just to know. It was a cancer.




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