Catography #9. “Friendship”


(Image and copyright of Marianna Zampieri, published with the kind permission of the author).

What is more mysterious, unfathomable and wonderful of the friendship?
Friendship between man and cat? Like the life, is born from love or from the case, or from both.
In the picture I catch a glimpse of the possibility in embryo of a great friendship.
Silences, embarrassment and small babbling, a shy discover. The possibility of a wonderful journey together, a slow reveal.
A growing together.
A common language made up of silences, movements and hidden, because in the nature of man, among males, is always hard to show the true feelings.
Because the spirit of man has an inherent dichotomy, the eternal struggle between himself and his part improperly called animal.
The true essence, becoming man and fully live the friendship, goes through a metaphorical death and rebirth, the resurgence after the fall in the storm and in the inner struggle. Or the fall.
The true nature of friendship between man and animal, feline, is transformed into the possible, but sometimes inevitable, passage in the field of battle of the soul.
Because sometimes, the life brings one or the other in his numinous trench.
And there do not count the words, empty attitudes or our ego, it is a leap into the void.
He or she call you, asks for your help, and you go.
You stand with him, protecting him, cover his shoulders.
You run down at breakneck speed on the existence ridge, falling and rise again, even if you yell the mouth mixed with mud, and sometimes praying. And if you can’t, you go to seek him and bring him back up with you.
And you will not be the same ever again.
But sometimes, life flows along quiet tracks, friendship whispered and discreet. Reassuring and comfortable. Quiet.
But I think the essence is manifested in survival with the dark side of life, as they grow and sustain each other in need.
And reborn together.
Because after the world will be a different place, superfluous words, and all you will need is having it next to us.
I hope you succeed, really.


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