Catography #5. “Life is a solemn solo run, toward the infinity”



(Image and copyright of Marianna Zampieri, published with the kind permission of the author).

“I’m here, or there, or elsewhere.
Or nowhere. Maybe in my beginning.
Because in my beginning is my end”
Who I was, before you? Where was I, without you?
Where have we been? In which place?
Who were with us?
Who we were, who we are?
The brother, the friend?
The features of a face thrown in the possibility of the infinity?
Let me be with you now.
My eyes follow the path you have drawn inside me, inside us.
Now, I could come back to Earth and start to repeat those unaware and familiar gestures until they become instincts.
I could hope for a first sleep.
A first dream.
But I could lose the way.
I’m a ronin.

(Dedicated to Romeo, Monet, Arthur, Ettore and all other guys.  To the little guy in the picture.
And to Marianna and her photographs, by virtue of muses inspiring)


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