Catography #3. “Photographing cats is talk about the existence”

1 - Copia


With this post I return to closest feelings to me.
My way of framing is like the life. Fuzzy, rough and wobbly.
Surprising and painful.
But in this picture, there are no cats. There is the possible promise of life and friendship.
There are 147 minutes of our lives, of Tommy and my.
Fuzzy, rough and wobbly. Because the adrenaline was at its highest.
147 minutes with his blood on me and I had not noticed.
Here there is the race at breakneck speed into the street between cars.
The suspension of my ego and the transition to the animal mode.
He, almost lifeless. The rough enter in the veterinary clinic.
Stubbornness not to give up. He and I, alone. The collapse on the operating table.
I never gave up, he never gave up.
Then, he opened his good eye and told me:
“I’m here, I’m with you”
The first time our eyes met for a moment.
And we joined for life.



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