Catography #2. Marianna was here.

A few months ago, Rachel of Three Chatty Cats introduced in her blog the work of the photographer Mariana Zampieri.

Thanks, Rachel!

Behind every picture there is a man, a woman, a person with her emotions and feelings. Fears and dreams.
There is an immense inner world within each person, or to paraphrase someone, there is a treasure everywhere.
Exploring for me, is like writing and know, how to be with cats or with my partner, is a primordial need, visceral.
Absolute and free from gradualism.
But with modesty and kindness.
As the sense of wonder that I feel in front of a photograph, although rarely.
Her photographs, strike and leave their mark. Your photographs.

“I don’t know how to explain, but when the photographer give me not only to be more present.
Alien and I’m alone with myself.
It is a wonderful feeling.
And when you take the right picture you see it as soon as you click”

In the opening shot, what strikes me, besides the skill and the moment captured by the photographer, is something beyond shooting itself in itself.
The look is not in the viewfinder, goes beyond, transcends it. The shot is a pure mental and creative act over the fence of SLR. It is an unconscious gesture but meditated.
In another culture you could be assimilated with
“you don’t throw an arrow, or find the target, because they’re inside you. Are you”.
Shooting over the shot, because basically it is a mirror of ourselves, and eluding, we see the nature of things, that its intrinsic essence, hides in itself.
Photography is a symphony of light, belongs to everyone and to no one, and is a mirror image.
She lets us touch slightly, but still remains in part a mystery.
Like a life.
Bon voyage and good exploration, we’ll see you up there in the mountains, all together.
Now, close your eyes and dream.

Thank you.

And don’t forget to see her works on Instagram, Flickr and Facebook.


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