Catography # 1. “You are not alone, you have me”


(Image and copyright of Marianna Zampieri, published with the kind permission of the author).


Photography can be interpreted as a composition, shapes and values, lights and shadows.
It can be dissected with aesthetic and stylistic formalism rules.
The black and white, cut away the colors, pointing to the emotion and the essential.
It is a research, is an eye that seeks to define a private world, eludes Attraction criteria of mind, look for a natural way to express emotions.
I love black and white photography, and cats.
I love this photo.
Because each of us can feel its universal emotion. Love.
The cat in the picture is Ettore, 20 years old. He fought and won his battle against cancer.
But here, at that time, he was fighting. I have experienced this and I feel that this photo is real.
It makes you feel real emotions. Fear, love, and all the emotions that you can not describe, but to live, or suggest, with humility and sensitivity, as did the author, the photographer.
She is part of their family and tiptoed tries to give her comfort.
It encloses the intimate moments for a future treasure.
I am struck by the embrace and serenity.
And what is not seen, the mutual promise that have made the girl and the cat.
You’re not alone. You have me. We will be together until the end.
Ettore, as two of my cats, they were in a world of pain, foreigners felt their body and their home.
They were devastated and confused.
But with the absolute imperative to groped the impossible for us not to feel bad, because it is they who heartened us.
And once again they whisper to us: “Do not be afraid, I am with you, everything will be fine”
Because they are part of us, and they always will be. Whichever way it goes.

A very special thank you to the photographer, Marianna Zampieri, for her kind and gentle touch in her portraits, depth of feeling. And not least, her patience.
In the next post I’ll talk about her.
Thank you.

And do not forget to see her works on InstagramFlickr and Facebook.


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