Letter to eternal kittens of the thin red mile.


Every day I see you, with every shape, color, soul.
Aborted gems of a sick world, for our sick and indifferent world.
broken and frozen lives in our indifference.
Lives lost and relegated to the edges.
I will see, anger and pain in one hand, the other blind faith.
The horror in the heart, with the extreme pressure to fight the leviathan that is the man.
I’m a dejected eye and bruised.
He sees and does not forget, does not forgive, not even himself.
But first I was not so.
I pulled on the mask and I was filming to walk, indifferent to what was flowing around me, blind and deaf.
Brutal indifference, lethargy murderess.
I stopped, threw the mask and screamed.
I saw her on the ground, it was not mine, I heard the cry, was not mine.
I felt a stupid doll no bones nor nerves.
Eyes, dead glass marbles.
But it was only a moment, I did not think, I did not think, not then.
I pulled on the mask and put. I am the mask.
And ambulatory again, until bumped the next corner and start all over again from scratch.
Once again, the mask fell and I hurried to put it back because I was afraid of myself naked.
But I’ll never know to be afraid, because I’m not living.
I was holed up in a dark corner, I huddled and silent, voiceless and ears, no sight nor hearing.
I do not know what I was, but I am.
This, really know.
I have an eye. And a heart, do not forget and not forgive.
I am with you, little brother.


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