About cats and photography.


(Image and copyright of Sabrina Boem, published with the kind permission of the author).

A picture can break through in our sensitivity, show us the point of view of another person or another living creature?
Or give us a perspective on reality? Not necessarily ours, but the real one.
Show us the hiatus, the gray area in which some of us are or perceive?
Show the world that we have created or corrupted in our human image?
Imagine a world, your world, a species that excludes from your living space, and you are confined in a gray area.
Imagine the people who in their tragic and conscious awareness of a partial failure of trying to remedy the human nature, people too human to be animals, too animal to be human.
He, or she, in front of the open door, the road, his home, but in fact a potentially hostile environment. Above him the symbol of the Italian National Animal Protection Organization.
A paradox.
We protect us from ourselves. From our human nature.
I feel its necessity, its tragedy. He wants a better world, where not fear death at every corner for a person indifferent or idiot. He only wants what we all want, to live.
Maybe it’s just my illusion mental construct.
Perhaps it is the fruit of my human condition with the eye and the heart bruised, hands sunk in the shared pain, blood, saliva mixed to the acrid mud of life.
However, I run with them, I try to feel what they show me with an open heart and an open mind, with modesty and  shyness, on tiptoe.
Like this picture.


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