My old Captain.


The tawny pirate, with a threadbare clothes, heart and body, I see him again, and I still hear him.
He was always ready to blow away the silly conventions and ideas that I had, to amaze me every second.
His sharp wit was, is, a kaleidoscopic handkerchief warp with all the plots of the entire universe.
He blew away any web spider, illuminating the darkest corners of my mind.
He takes me back to my original nature, before the birth.
Goes to the essential, walking on tiptoe and takes life by the horns. Plays all out if you feel that is the right thing to do and never give up. And do not think to be stupid if you do it.
He liked dusting off my old grammar of life in his own way, in a way it reminded me gently, our common animal nature, and deadly.
Many, many times did he escape death.
I still remember him next to me, silent but complete, side by side.
He would say, “To die? Happens to everyone, even to me, to you, to all of us. No one escapes from the big sleep, but do not be afraid to live, never”
The last time he couldn’t see or hear me, but somehow she knew I was there, always to the end, at any cost. With him.
Always together in the darkest moments, joyful, and strangers from this world in midnight of our souls.
There wasn’t time for one last physical contact, everything was coagulated around us in a silent solitude, i was huddled around him.
Still feel him, my Captain, gives me a little bump with his head on the leg,
“I’m here, do not be afraid.”
Sometimes I see him run around in the garden chasing his, our dreams,
in the big world over there.


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