About writing.


In the world of blogging I have points of reference, people like the polar star, which lead me to wonder what and how I can write, improve myself. One of them is Rachel of Three Chatty Cats. She wrote that i am a “Writer and artist! (And rescuer of course)”
Always I ask myself what is a writer and writing.
I saw the actual writing when I became a rescuer. It is a vision born of suffering and pain: the ancient Greek philosophers called it “Pàthei Mathos”.
True knowledge comes from experienced pain, in spite of ourselves.
Writing as a means to try and catch a glimpse of the meaning of life, death and everything in between.
I do not think that writing is invented. It is to narrate the existence.
Unfortunately all that scrivvo born from experienced pain especially as I love, a reflection of me.

Writing is try to go home.
Writing is try to understand where they are waiting us.
Writing is living.


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