Change One Life

Three Chatty Cats

Jackie and Paul founded Change One Life in December 2012, a cat rescue that is a non-profit, volunteer-based grassroots group on the Canary Islands of Spain. They provide a sanctuary for abandoned cats, all of which have been rescued in the Southern area of Tenerife Island.

The rescue does not re-home any of the cats. 99% of the cats were once in homes, but then they were left behind and

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About little miss Ladygray.


This photo is taken from the roof of my house.
Nine days ago, in the evening I was working on the roof and I heard a meow for help in the distance. She was out there somewhere. I called her up at night, then the next morning managed to get here.
She had signs of a recent sterilization, thin, dehydrated and terrified. Our outdoor cats did not accept her. After a few days she has found a quiet place in the garden and she trusted us. A week of attempts in all possible ways to find his house, but saw that people did not care and thought was crazy trying her home, her now, as long as will be with us. 🙂