“To boldly go where no man has gone before”


This morning I woke up at 4 am.
I saw it move secure familiar shapes through the timid uncertain rays of dawn.
Stairs already darted from the terrace, Gattona was already patrol in the field looking for a place quiet to enjoy the sunrise, Ladycat II peeked among the branches of peony.
Explore and wonder is common in all the puppies and childrens, among the animals.
Cats and humans, but we adults we have forgotten how to do it.
Explore, wonder and understand, live.
I saw cats with blindness, diseases, neurological disorders make it to the end.
I was very little I explored the big world out there, then they stopped me.
They told me that I was late, there was nothing to explore, only a brutal and horrible world.
I believed him. But many years later, the cats have brought me on the right path, I have opened my eyes, to the most peaks high, looking with their eyes.

Across the sky and cats.
I believe that we all living creatures are a big family and the Earth is our home.
Nature seen through our eyes.
The exploration is this.

Dedicated to all the cats in the world, and do not ever stop to protect all the little guys in the world, even those who did not
have voice, even those who has been forgotten.
But not by me.


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