Today is the fourth birthday of Sophie at Kitty Cat Chronicles and i join to the #WobblyWednesday for the Cerebellar hypoplasia (CH).
She was born with this disorder.

“Is a disorder in cui the cerebellum part of the brain does not develop completely before birth. The cerebellum is a region of the brain that plays a major role in motor control and coordination. Having an underdeveloped cerebellum results in jerky movements, uncoordinated motion, and tremors. Though there are varying degrees of severity, a cat is affected by CH Generally wobbly and unsteady and will fall over often when walking – Hence the nickname ‘Wobbly Cat Syndrome.'”

A big hug and happy birthday to the lovely Sophie!
And you can visit her mom’s site Kitty Cat Chronicles for more information about #cerebellarhypoplasia #chcats and #WobblyWednesday.


8 thoughts on “Sophie

  1. Thank you so much sharing and helping to spread the word!!! We truly appreciate it. Will now be following your blog – we love making new furiends!

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      1. My father was a vet in the days when very little could be done for small animals, so I am always really pleased with the advances that are made and that bloggers like yourself share the knowledge. Thank you.


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