A reality check.

I think I’m an animal lover, especially cats. I did and I will always do the impossible. But I ask myself one thing. Exists a limit? A line that leads beyond the human? I don’t know if i have this…
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15 thoughts on “A reality check.

  1. I agree too with them dear Luke, this love at the end, we love animals… and there is not any limit for love… But yes, sometimes we can be seen loving them so much more than people… and some people don’t like this and make an hard critique… But humans don’t understand or can’t see this, they never damage us like humans… Something like that what I can share with you dear Luke, Love, nia

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  2. I think it’s called unconditional love.

    “Perhaps you’re blessed to have a partner who receives you in a deep way. What a gift to sense that your partner is really letting you in! But sadly, most of us humans have blocks to receiving deeply and freely. Perhaps past conflicts have muddied the waters. Or, we’ve been taught that giving is nobler than receiving and we’re selfish to receive uninhibitedly.”

    “Cats teach us that this isn’t true. Most likely, we don’t judge cats as being selfish; we relish how openly they let us in. Perhaps this is why research has shown that cats can be very healing for us.”



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