Short bio of some of our cats.


From upper left,
Romeo, Monet, Bones, Marvin,
Artemisia, Tommy, Cheetah, Ugly,
Gattona, Scale, White&Gray, Ladycat II.


Adopted in August, 1991,
during a feline exhibition they had put him in a cardboard box because no one wanted him.
They were convinced that a congenital conjunctivitis made him “ugly and undesirable”
Passed in September, 2006, for a polykidney disease.

Adopted in September, 1994,
saved in a garden while the “rough kid plays with him”.
Passed in August, 2009, for a cancer.

Adopted in April, 2006,
rescued in a balcony, seriously illness.

Adopted in May, 2009,
he calls me from a bush aloung the street.

Adopted in October, 2009,
she lived under a newspaper of a hospital, covered with the car engine grease.
After a week of attempts he trusted me and I took her home.

Adopted in May, 2014,
rescued in the middle of the street, very seriously illness.

Adopted in December, 2007,
lived in our garden for two years, then he disappeared.

Adopted in February, 2008,
I found him in front of the front door, he lived in our garden for four years, then disappeared.

Ladycat II.
Adopted in April, 2008,
the first time I saw her on the roof of a house next to ours, then came into our garden.

Adopted in May, 2008,
came to me with a plastic bag around his neck, he lived in our garden for two years, then disappeared.

Adopted in August, 2009,
he arrived on our terrace with a wounded paw and remained with us.

Scale (Calico).
Adopted in September, 2010,
he called me from a distance, looked for a house.

Big Gray.
Adopted in December, 2010,
I helped him escape from a hungry fox, lived in our garden for four years, then disappeared.

White & Gray
Adopted in August, 2012,
came from the field, it took him three days to reach us.


5 thoughts on “Short bio of some of our cats.

  1. ❤ the photos … that adds a lot.

    Now, I'm a little confused … WHICH cats do you actually have now? I see some of them have disappeared, so I'm actually wonder how many (and who) you have left. Questions, questions, questions! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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